Monday, May 28, 2007

Grandpa's 96th birthday
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As today is memorial day, I will take a serious moment to remember my grandfather, Ed. This picture was taken just over two years ago, about a month before his death, and was a rare moment when he was his old self, laughing and joking around. To perk him up, I suggested that he pretend that his birthday pie (prune pie) tasted terrible. He got a gleam in his eye, and then shouted to my grandmother, 'ughhhhh, what is this! This is terrible!"
My grandmother got all upset, saying, "It's your favorite! Prune pie! Don't you remember, you had it last year!"
My grandpa said, "What? This is last year's pie?"
They went back and forth, with her getting all upset that he didn't remember that he liked prune pie and that it didn't taste good. He played the part quite well, and she didn't even notice that the entire time, he was continuing to gobble down the pie, which was delicious (if you like prune pie). Finally, I nudged him:
"Grandpa, I think we'd better stop. She seems upset."
"Really? Okay."
So, we then let her in on the joke, and we all had a good laugh. I think my grandma ended up forgiving the two of us, because he has always been a prankster, and, well, it's always nice to see a twinkle in his eye.
This picture is a good memory of that day and of the way he used to be. I know my grandmother misses him terribly; they met when she was 15, they married 5 years later, and were married just over 70 years when he passed away.
Here's to you, gramps.

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luna said...

awww....what a wonderful memory.