Monday, May 28, 2007

That's Right, I Can Spin Yarn!

A few years ago, I took a lesson on how to spin wool roving into single ply yarn, but the bug didn't really sink its teeth in and take hold. Well, while I was at the Sheep and Woolcraft Fair, I decided I'd give it another try. I bought a simple top whorl spindle from Spunky Eclectic, who also gave me a bit of roving to spin with, and I also bought some roving from another vendor... that roving ended up being a little rough and less fabulous to spin with, but I managed to turn both of them into a bit of yarn! Once I do more practicing, if I get through the 10 ounces of the crummy stuff, I'll probably order something from Spunky, because the stuff she gave me for free was so good, the roving she actually sells must be even better!
The darker roving was from Spunky Eclectic - you can even see in the picture that it is smoother. The small skein of yarn is from that roving. The bigger skeins are from the rougher, ickier roving. I even managed to ply them, which was cool!
I guess everyone learns things in different ways... after the fair, Cece and I went over to Mamacate's house for some knitting and spinning. Cece whipped her spindle out and got to work - me, I was feeling a bit sleepy, and didn't really feel like having people watching me while I tried to spin... I am normally not a shy person, but just wasn't in the mood. Instead, I carefully watched what all of the other spinners were doing, and when I got home the next day, I took out the fiber and did what I had seen everyone else doing. Sure, there was some trial and (very knotted) error here and there, but the end result was yarn that I could actually knit with!

I can remember a couple of other things I finally learned how to do while I was all by myself, including tying my shoes. My parents had most certainly shown me how to do it a bunch of times, but the first time I did it without help was while I was sitting all by myself. I can remember running into the kitchen to show my mom what I had accomplished!

I'm still not certain that I'm completely hooked on spinning, but I did like it, and suspect I'd like it even better with nicer fiber rather than the lumpy, scratchy stuff!

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Cece said...

That rocks! I did a bunch more spinning this weekend also...and even though they claim the orange sucks... I'm going to try that next