Monday, May 07, 2007

More Socks!

Well, more sock anyway...
I bring you sock #1 of the most recent Sundara Yarns petals collection sock of the month club, right next to my extremely veiny (evidently) nude foot.

I hope to denude the right foot very soon!

I love the viney pattern of this sock. In case anyone cares, I actually think I prefer the patterns that have been coming from the Petals Collection more than I like the patterns that have been accompanying the yarn from the Rockin' Sock Club.

Now, I must confess something: I went ahead and bought that camera that I wanted so much. Here is a super duper closeup of some earrings that I made:

This is a completely unedited picture. Look how close up it is! Look how clear the details are! I still need to fuss a bit with the brightness/ exposure settings, but I am tickled pink. Pink, I tell you! PINK! I oxidized the ear wires and the headpins to give them an antiqued look. And below, another unretouched photo of some more new and cute earrings I made:
In case you're interested, the headpins I used for both pairs were handmade by ME with fine silver wire and a mini blowtorch. Yes, I used eye protection!

That's it for now... off to update my Etsy store with these beauties!

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