Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ravelry! Secret of the Stole! Thelonious Sock!

Item 1: Ravelry
Yeah, there are some updates to be shared. First off, I finally made it onto Ravelry, which for those of you who don't know, is the awesomest ever. Really. It is an online meeting place for knitters, and you can upload pictures of your knitting/ crocheting projects, yarn in your stash, and patterns you'd like to knit. There are groups and forum message boards, so that you can find (and share ideas) with people who have similar knitting interests. If you have some yarn in your stash and are stumped as to how to use it, just look it up... chances are that there are dozens of people who have already used it to make something. I have been working on uploading loads of pictures, and will continue to document previous projects, dating as far back as possible. My Ravelry screen name is "BrickMillStudio". Add me as a friend if you haven't already!

Item 2: Secret of the Stole

I got into Ravelry (there is a waiting list) on October 3. My first order of business, after uploading an avatar, was to cruise the knitting groups and pick some out that I felt like being a part of. I came across a knitalong called "Secret of the Stole". It is a knitalong, but what makes it different is that you don't get to see the pattern ahead of time. The project is tantalizingly revealed one portion at a time, beginning with yarn and bead requirements, a swatch graph... and finally, section one of the stole. The group closed to members on October 4 - I made it in under the wire - and hint #1 was revealed last night. Yes, I knit until just before midnight and managed to finish! Nerd? Yes. I am comfortable with that.

Anyway, here are some pictures, starting with my selection for yarn and beads:

I selected some yarn from my stash, Valley Yarns 2/14 alpaca silk in Eggplant. I bought it a while back at Webs, and was thinking I might knit something from Victorian Lace Today with it, but hey. An opportunity presented itself, and I changed my mind!

I picked out some size 6 beads from Lush Beads. They match very well... perhaps a little TOO well. But I am willing to live with that.

Next, I swatched:

And finally, I completed Hint #1. Truly, the yarn is prettier than I captured with this shot. I swear it.

Item 3: Thelonious Sock
People, I am tired today. I am going to leave you with a picture of the progress, with a promise that you will, as usual, receive an update in the future.

Now, back to uploading projects to Ravelry!


LUL said...

Let's see who finishes hint 2 first ;-) *lol* My arms are still sore from all the knitting yesterday!

potatobird said...

tiny, that sounds like so much fun! like a big mystery knit party!

never in a million years would i have guessed that those big triangular shaped, upside-down looking bikini top thingy was a sock. uh uh. never.

once again, i am in awe over your knitting greatness.

Amanda said...

awww, thanks, potato! actually, the triangle thingy is the stole - the descriptors are above the pictures. (i know, it might make more sense if there were captions BELOW the pics, but... that's how MY mind is laid out, I guess) The sock is the... sock... with a foot in it. :)

potatobird said...

yet another reason why i don't knit.