Sunday, October 07, 2007

There is a Squid in my Kitchen!

I found this pattern on Ravelry today, and was feeling kinda lousy and lazy today, so I decided to make it! It's Shoney the Squid by Kristy Schueler. I knit him all up and felted him in the sink today. If you have never done any hand felting in a warm apartment, allow me to tell you that it is a sweaty job. Liz/ Made in Lowell had mentioned this to me, but i had not really appreciated the magnitude of this truth: creating friction while wearing rubber gloves and standing over a sink full of near simmering water is icky! However, I got to make a squid, so it's all good.
Now, I just have to wait for him to dry so I can stuff him!


sukeyknits said...

I'm not usually into the knitted animals - a little too... But I love the squid - he's got some great character! BTW I now wear your earings I bought the other week almost every day now.

Lizmo said...

He looks rather droopy and sad but can't wait to see him stuffed!

Liz (made in lowell) said...

Didn't know he would be stuffed, that could be the cutest ever.

And I am satisfied now that you know what I mean when I call wet felting a "winter sport"!