Thursday, August 02, 2007

Some More Studio Shots

I've managed to take a few more pictures of the new studio space over at Western Avenue Studios. I had a little motivation to get a move on to get things looking nice - this Saturday is "First Saturday", when bunches of artists open up their studios to the public. Plus, today through Sunday is the Lowell Quilt Festival, and there are going to be shuttles running over to WAS, bringing happy quilters over to see us. Quilters are women. Lots of women like to wear jewelry. I hope I at least sell a few pairs of earrings, eh?

Anyway, come on by to WAS this Saturday any time from 12:00 - 5 and stop by studio 3.27. It will rule.

In the meantime, here are some pictures. First, the 'one week ago shots', which were taken while I was painting and building work tables. First, a shot of my work area and the nice blue wall... I think it's a bit more teal greenish in real life.

A shot of the 'sitting area', from the 'work area'.
My main work table. Notice the jewelry that I have already made here!
Here are the tables I am making. I applied iron-on wood edging, to give them a more finished look, AND to prevent clothing snags and splinters.
A view out the window. There are railroad tracks out there... I'll try to get a train pic one of these days.

Okay, now a set of more recent pictures.... starting with another 'out the window' shot.

Here's the work area, featuring the 'polymer clay area' in the background, and the 'beading area' in the foreground. Please note the shiny new tables!
Wave hello to Liz! She has a studio across the way, and has an Etsy shop, too!
Another shot of the workspace.
This is such a great space to work in. Now, I have GOT to stop blogging and get over there!

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Liz (made in lowell) said...

"Hello!" Great shots of your studio, here's hoping the heat doesn't stop the intrepid quilters :)