Sunday, October 28, 2007

Accidental Hiatus

Hello, there. I was reminded by my sister last night (howdy, Lizmo) that it is hard to spy on me if I don't post in my blog! Soooo, here is the latest from me. Sorry, not a picture to be had. Well, maybe. We'll see...

1. I have been feeling kinda down in the dumps lately. Tired, lethargic, blah. I think I came close to crying while talking to my mom on the phone the other day. It's like I just cannot get enough sleep and am tired a LOT. I don't find much energy even to do the things I like to do.

2. Despite the above, I have been trying hard to get up and do the things I like to do. I have been going for walks and enjoying the unseasonably warm October we've been having. It's nice to have the river nearby as well as a nice neighborhood to go and stroll around in.

3. This past week was a full moon. It was also the week at work where I had the most referrals ever... the kids were bouncing off the walls! It really made a couple of days zip by quite quickly, and it made me feel really useful and competent at my job. It was really nice to leave at the end of the day, feeling like I had done a good job.... you know, maybe help a couple kids here and there... that kind of thing!

4. Lately, I have been having the urge to play the piano again. I took lessons years and years ago, and was pretty good at one time. I have been bemoaning the fact that I don't have access to a piano... until I remembered that I have been working in a building with a nice piano for an entire year! A couple of weeks ago, I stayed after work and played the piano for about an hour. It was pretty rough going... whereas my fingers used to be very supple and compliant when it came to 'tickling the ivories', they now feel stiff and awkward. There isn't much muscle memory left there at all. Interestingly, my foot seemed to remember when/ how to use the pedal, but my fingers were another story. I have left some sheet music at school and will stay after to play whenever I feel like it!

5. I recently got the urge to buy a Blythe doll. So, I did. I may or may not have bought more than one. I may or may not have spent time washing their hair, putting it in little barrettes, and contemplating getting my childhood Barbie Dream House out of storage. I haven't figured out what all of this is about... but it appears as though a whole bunch of people in this world collect things, and I don't really collect anything. Why not a few dollies? Now, I just have to figure out how to hide them when (okay IF) I ever start dating someone again! Nothing sends 'em running like a big ol' pile of dolls... well, maybe a big ol' pile of dead bodies would also be a bit offputting... but you know what I mean.

6. Today, I spent the afternoon/ evening with my friend Cece, not knitting, but sewing! I have not taken pictures, and it's hard to do so at night in my apartment... I made a zippered pouch, a matching tote bag (the tote was my own made up pattern and it turned out great), I sewed the lining for a knitting project that has been in the UFO pile for quite some time, and I even made some monkey - flannel pajama bottoms that are quite cuddly.

7. My dad did some sewing once, on the sweatshirt below. I was always proud that he did a little sewing just for me. Pinch those cheeks, you know you want to!

So, that's all for this installment. Regarding #1, if you would like to help me feel better, send money. It is less fattening than cookies. Or, go for a walk with me. It will be nice.


Lizmo said...

omg that picture of you in the hoodie is redonkulous, and it is also now the wallpaper on my work computer.

potatobird said...

tiny, birdie loves you.

i think that say it all.

Amanda said...

right back at ya, pootato!