Sunday, February 15, 2009

Faster than a Speeding Glacier!

I was feeling very antsy today, what with all of the knitting for moneys I've been doing lately - I have to get up off the sofa every so often so as to ensure that the fibers from the upholstery don't start to meld to my backside. So, I decided that I'd go out for a walk/jog/ shuffle type bout of exercise activity. I checked the temperature, 40 degrees. Not too bad at all! What I did not account for was the wind - dear lord, I was popsicle-ized by the time I got home!

However, I did survive, and the cold definitely caused an increase rate of hustle.

I have this entire next week off from work. I already took care of the 'clean my apartment' portion of the to-do list, and really, that was the only one that would have been nagging at me had I not taken care of it. Now, it's back to knitting and relaxing.

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